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It is important to understand that every insurance company and individual insurance policy may vary in its water damage coverage terms. With that in mind there are several basic things that you can do to help maximize the potential for a successful claim process.

direct-insurance-billingTo start, don’t use the word ‘flooded‘ when describing the standing water in your home. Flooding in insurance terms is not typically covered in the average home insurance policy. Flood damage is broadly defined as damage from natural causes, i.e. overflowing rivers, lakes, ocean etc. Water damage on the other hand is covered by many policies. Water damage can come from things like plumbing problems, leaking roof or windows or an appliance malfunction. Read your policy carefully to determine what damage you are protected from.

If or when you are unfortunate enough to suffer water damage, it is essential to reduce the amount of damage by eliminating the source of water as quickly as possible. Turn off the main water line to the plumbing or appliance that is leaking or broken, or cover the leaking roof or window with waterproof material.

Be sure to get a second opinion on the cost of repair and restoration. Don’t blindly trust the quote given to you by the claims agent, remember that they work for the insurance company. Also be sure that the assessors are using the latest technology to determine the full extent of the damage in your home.

Take pictures and/or video of the damages so that if emergency work needs to be done to protect the safety of your family you have a record of the damage to provide your insurance company.

Most importantly when choosing a company to help repair and restore your home to like new condition, choose one that has experience working directly with the insurance companies so that you won’t have to deal with the stress and aggravation of working through the claims process.

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