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7-11-2013 12-36-45 PM

The last thing any of us expect to happen or plan for is the disaster that is caused by water damage in our homes. This damage can be caused by a any number of sources, natural disasters, severe weather, leaking plumbing pipes, malfunctioning major appliances, or even water from fire hoses. No matter what the cause of the damage, or whether it is minor or severe it is extremely important that you take steps to remove the water and restore your home as fast as possible.

Letting water stand after an unexpected event for as little as 48 hours can cause irreversible damage to your carpet, wood floors, furniture and walls. It only takes 48 hours for mold to invade a space and start to breed, once this has occurs the affected area must be removed completely to protect you and your family from a variety of health risks.

When you find yourself in need of any of the following services for your home or place of business give Winkelman DryOut Services a call and we will be at your door within 60 minutes helping to restore your life and home or office to like new.

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If you have any water where it is not supposed to be, call Winkelman at (941) 928-0266 and we will remove it for you right away.