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by Judith Litvin on Winkelman Inc. DryOut Services
I want to thank you Mr Winkelman and your staff

I came back home from out-of-state business to find my home had flooded and needed to be dried out. Winkelman Inc was recommended with high regards. I was hesitant to call at first because of how costly i thought it may be. After speaking with Mr WInkelman he advised everything would be dealt with cost efficient and in a timely manner. Within no time everything was restored and returned to its place. I want to thank you Mr Winkelman and your staff for the fine work provided it was greatly appreciated and we will forever be grateful. I would recommend Winkelman Inc to anyone with water damage with no hesitation.

by Doris Danielson on Winkelman Inc. DryOut Services
We would recommend your company to anyone in this situation.

Just wanted to send this letter to say thank you for coming so promptly after my emergency water leak. All of your team members were comforting and respectable. Little time was wasted as they got straight to work and prevented any further damage. A time of grievance for my family was quickly turned into a livable situation by your team. Everything was restored back to pre- loss condition: For your services we would like to say thank you. We would recommend your company to anyone in this situation.

Your services are the best I have used.

Your services are the best I have used. They are efficient, dependable and serve the customer with care and their best interest as a prime concern. You keep appointments, you are knowledgeable enough to work with the coverage the customer has and get him the best possible rebate.

I would recommend you to all my friends and acquaintances.

Thank you for a pleasant experience.

I will recommend your company anytime

Thanks for the good job your people (John + Jerry) did for us. I will recommend your company anytime.

Exceeded my expectations…

In April of this year an untoward event occurred in my home. A water leak was detected inside the wall of the master bathroom. A plumber was called, the leak was found and repaired by him. Winkelman, Inc. was called the next day and hired to repair the damage caused by the water leak. They arrived here the next day and continued to work on the repairs for about eight more days.

by Doloros Fischer on Winkelman Inc. DryOut Services
I would recommend them

I was satisfied with Winkelman Services. The men were real nice. I would recommend them to other people that need help.

by Wesley Weyere on Winkelman Inc. DryOut Services
Their reaction was immediate…

Recently I suffered major water damage to my master bath and wasn’t sure who to call to help me. Let me say, I am so glad I called Winkelman Dryout Services! There reaction was immediate, their courteous and professional staff were on site immediately to prevent even more costly damage to my home.

I simply want to express my appreciation to Mr. Winkelman and his entire crew for not only their prompt response, courteousness and professionalism, but also to the quality of workmanship that produced my end result. A master bathroom that I can not only use with confidence, but also be proud to show my friends and neighbors.

I guess what I am saying, I would highly recommend Winkelman Services over any above anyone that has any repair, remodel or emergency needs.

by Stephen & Ellen Cacic on Winkelman Inc. DryOut Services
We recommend definitely Mr. Winkelman’s service to anyone

We used Mr. Winkelmans’ company services recently when we had a micro leak in our house slab. He was recommended to us by a Plumbing Today representative who diagnosed the problem and repaired our pipes.
Mr. Winkelman’s Company answered the call promptly, and after assessing the situation, began the dryout procedure. When it was completed, the flooded areas were dry and no mold had formed in the flooded areas of the house.

Following the dryout service, we also used his company for the reconstruction of the flooded areas. The affected walls were painted and the laminate flooring and baseboards replaced. Our house is now repaired and we are happy and satisfied with the work that was done.

We recommend definitely Mr. Winkelmans service to anyone who needs it.

Mr. Winkelman and his workers were efficient…

Mr. Winkelman was recommended to me by Plumbing Today to complete repairs to my home after my home was re-piped. Mr. Winkelman and his workers were efficient, not only did a good job on various repairs, but all were polite and did a good job of cleaning all debris when the job was completed.

Also, I found Winkelman Dryout’s price to be most reasonable and work was completed in a timely manner.

by Michael Boccarossa on Winkelman Inc. DryOut Services
Thanks so much…

Thanks so much for the great work your company did for us. They were here on time on the day that we scheduled and stayed until the work was done. We had quite a few holes due to having our house completely re-piped. Your Drywall expert patched every hole so well that no one could ever tell that there had been a hole there.

Great job.